I need more ideas on how to trap one smart kitty.

My neighbors and I are working together to rescue four orphaned kittens.(Animal control callously killed the mother!) Anyway, the first three were easy. But, the fourth one is very elusive. We have a humane trap set up with tuna fish. I see the kitten near the trap, but he's too smart to go in. Is there anything else we could do to try to rescue this frightened kitten. I'm really worried about him all by himself. We already found him a home.

Asked by Member 352724 on Jun 28th 2008 in Other Adoption & Rescue
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Are you covering the trap with a blanket so that it looks less scary? We use sardines instead of tuna fish. Literally the day we switched to sardines, after using tuna and cat food for two weeks, we caught Hunter. You might also want to take the trap away for a few days, go back to feeding him regularly, then put the trap back out so that he's built his confidence back up. You could also rub a wet washcloth on his siblings and leave that in there so that he is attracted to it.

Hunter answered on Jul 1st.

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Cow and Bahji

can you put his siblings in a carrier behind or inside the trap and arange it so the only way that Mr. Sneaky can get to his siblings is to walk into the trap? being alone must make him scared and seeing his family might help.

If you can't do that you could brush the kittens and put the loose fun in the trap (along with food) so that it smells like his family.

Cow and Bahji answered on 6/28/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 4 Report this answer