I need help quick!!!
I got two cats. i got them when they were little kittens. They are both boys. I got them fixed as soon as possible. They are now over a yr old so still pretty young but are big cats. I love them too death but they've always had territorial issues. and the past 3 months have been a nightmare. All i smell around the house is urine. I have had multiple cat litter boxes but theyve always used the carpet whenever they felt like it. (rage) so i got exspensive litter to bigger boxes or changed to a more calming area. but theyve gotton worse. So ive been trying to toliet train them. Which started out ez but all of a sudden they all bratty and is now urinateing and pooping on the carpet constantly. Im on the verge of a melt down. And also they have became more aggresive to each other. Im stressed their stressed and im tired of being angry everytime i come home. Plz help!!!

Asked by Member 1152939 on Jan 31st 2013 in Behavior & Training
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Splat Cat

The cats sense your stress which makes them more stressed out & behave worse.

There's a litter called Cat Attract which attracts cats to use the litter pan & it works. Keep the litter clean. Cats don't like to use dirty litter

If one cat bullies, attacks, or scares the other while he's in the litter, that can make the victim avoid the litter. Put litter pans at opposite ends of the house, a bully can't be 2 places at once.

If there's no bullying at the litter, try confining the cats to a small room such as a bathroom. In a small space, they're likely to go back to using litter. Once they use litter 3 to 4 wks, u can let them out again.

Steam clean your carpets so there's no urine smell for the cats to keep returning to. I usually first steam a carpet with a solution of 1/2 vinegar, 1/2 water,then steam it again with steamer shampoo. You can get enzymatic cleaners that break down the urine & get rid of the odor.

When they start to get territorial distract them with toys or catn

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