i just adopted a broken skittish 1 year old cat

I have a 1 year old grey tabby.. we just adopted her from our local ASPCA, and she's great with us when were laying down, but we get up and she bolts. She's been going down stairs but only at night or when we're moving around upstairs. We also have a Russian blue (12 yrs) and he's tried to show her attention, but she hisses and growels at him or whines, if you will, and he doesn't react, he's totally friendly towards her, and she's made habits of hiding, under the couch and such. We've had her for about 4 days... and its gotten better with us, but not our other kitty... she also has a sketchy background, she's spent a lot of her life in a cage, and she's already been pregnant... soooo what do we do?!

Asked by Member 1140566 on Nov 13th 2012 Tagged skittish, adoption, brokenkitten in Other Behavior & Training
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Izadore (Izzie)

Even though she's been vetted, you do need to establish yourself and her with your own vet. They can be very useful fonts of information and advice when trying to socialize a shy cat. 4 days is not a really long time for a cat who's had such a rough life to become happy and "carefree". If she is already showing signs of being social, that's great. She is probably reacting this way to your other cat because she doesn't yet trust him. If she wasn't kept in a separate room when you got her to give her time to adjust to your household, this may delay any friendship between them that may develope. As long as there's no outright attacking going on, you and he will have to be patient. Be calm, quiet, gentle and loving with her. Don't force her to be held.Make sure she has all her needs met. When she's more comfortable, try to engage her in some playtimes. When she enters a room, say "Oh, hi, Fluffy! How are you?" and go on about your business. Acknowlege her presence but don't make a big fus

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/15/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer