I have a crucial question about giving Valium to a feral cat.

Many times (more than 15 times over the years) I have given 20mg. Valium to feral cats so I could get them spayed; no ill effects but sleepiness. Reggie lives outside and is 14 and recently went deaf. She is also FIP+. I would like to bring her in out of the cold, into her own room away from my other healthy cats. Because of her age, is 20mg. Valium too much? I tried 10mg and it did nothing. Please help. I don't want Reggie to spend what may be her last winter out in the bitter New York cold. But I don't want to harm her either. Thank you for any advice you can give. Happy holidays to all my fellow cat lovers.....

Asked by Member 1079541 on Dec 24th 2011 Tagged feralcats, rescue, valium in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Its sad no one bothered answering you before me. And I'm sure it's a moot point by now. Poor Kitty. Ask vet regarding lethal dosage and use your institution God bless

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