I am trying to determine what breed my kitty's dad is.

I am trying to determine the daddy of my kitten. Her mom is a siamese mix with some tabby striping, which is where she gets the stripes. She is 8wks old, gray on back, sides, face and tail with white on her belly, chin, and end of paws. She has little stripes on her face and legs, both gray and orange, and she has orange spots all over her gray coat and one on her face. She seems to like everyone and plays with everyone, but this may just be from being a kitten. She is also vocal, but not just in meowing, she meows and chirps and squeaks, the whole 9-yards. She has thin hair like a siamese, but it also fluffs, an odd combination, which makes me think her dad may have been fluffier. The lady I got her from said the cat she thinks is the dad is huge, but she didn't specify whether that means big or just fluffy. She has barely there tufts on the end of her ears. I have been looking into Maine coon maybe since she said the dad was big, but I'm not sure my kitty is fluffy enough. Any ideas?

Asked by Nala on May 20th 2013 Tagged siamese, tabby, stripes, spots, kitten, breeds, mixed in Breeds
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Bezalel Tiger

She has tortoise shell markings, which means that the dad is not a "breed"; most cats are not a specific breed. They are strays/alley cats which fit into the catch-all DSH domestic short-hair variety. I have a rescued 8-week old who chirps too, these are kitten noises and not unusual at all. Kittens are friendly if not taught to fear people and play/sleep for much of their first year. Feed her a healthy kitten food for year one like Natural Choice with no by-products or corn that is MADE in the U.S. ^_^

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