I am moving from a large house into a one bedroom apartment.

I am moving from a large house into a one bedroom apartment. My orange tabby has spent his whole 1.5 year long life in the huge house, with 2 other cat buddies, and the ability to go outside to play. He will be in a much smaller place, with no other cats, and just his mama (me). He is very active and loves to play. How do I make this easier on him? I am afraid he is going to be lonely and bored. I do not want a new cat friend for him because is too small, and he would be jealous to share his mama. (the other cats were not mine and will be staying in the old house).

Asked by Zedd on Jan 20th 2013 Tagged moving, move, bored in Other Behavior & Training
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I am sure it will certainly be an adjustment for both of you to move into a 1-bedroom apartment after living in such a large home. However, DO NOT let him out under any circumstances. He needs to learn to be an indoor kitty with his mama (you). You will just have to work at keeping him occupied when you are not home, and paying him special attention when you are home. I wish both of you the best of luck in your new home.

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