I am a 16 month old bengal with separation anxiety

Jasmine hates to be alone. And that includes being out of sight of us, or her 'sister' an 18 month old abyssinian. As soon as we are out of sight, she starts to howl, and bengals are pretty loud. You don't even have to be gone long, it can be going to the bathroom, in the laundry room and it must be not only distressful to us, because when she does it, Angeni goes running to check on her. We got her at 4 months, she hates to be held, so it's not loving she wants, she just wants to be around you. But it worries me that she upsets herself so much for no reason. Any ideas on what I can do? Thanks for the help!

Asked by Jasmine on Sep 21st 2009 Tagged separationanxiety, hatestobealone in Separation Anxiety
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