How to introduce two cats together?

I have a almost 5 month old cat. And about a week and a half ago I got another cat who is going to be 10 weeks old. I have left him in the bathroom like the vet told me to do. I would play with him while he was in there. My other cat would sit outside the door.

When it came time to introducing the two together it started off okay. Then about a minute later my older cat Aristo who is almost 5 months old and the 10 week old Titan started fighting. there was biting so I separated them from each other. I then introduced them again a couple more times. This has happened everytime.

Today I let them get it out of there system like my parents told me becasue that is what our dog does and gets bored. But Titan has some pretty long claws and i was afraid when it came to close to Aristo's eye. I dont want to give Titan back and would like help on how to introduce the other of them.

Asked by Member 1168540 on Jun 11th 2013 in Cats & Kids
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You can't rush the introductions. You need to let the kitten be in a separate room for at least a week, any faster than that, as you have seen, is usually not good. And the 10 week old kitten has to be protected, he can't defend himself against even a 5 month old cat. After a week, then crack the door and let them see each other through the cracked door. If there is still a lot of aggression from the older cat, put 3 baby cats over each other in a doorway so they can see each other but not hurt each other. It takes a while, you can't just throw them together, no matter wha tyour parents tell you. It would be better if kitten could be in a bedroom with a closed door, he would be more comfortable and not so alone, say, if her were in your room. Slowly is the key.

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