How to convince parents to get a cat for me?

I have done everything to get a cat. Research,presentations you name it, but my dad will not agree to get a cat. My mom is okay with it, and has tried telling my dad its a good good outcome. I have run out of ideas! Someone please help me ! I would greatly appreciate it!
P.S. I have agreed to pay for it and everything as well.

Asked by Member 1146686 on Dec 26th 2012 Tagged adoption, cat, american, short, hair, dad, not, agree, to, cat, no, more, ideas, will, pay, for, it, please, help, me in Choosing the Right Pet
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It depends on why your dad is saying no, I think.

A cat is a long commitment, and it means everyone in the house has to be ok with someone else to feed, take to the vet, play with and love for around 15 years. Are you going to be able to have the cat the entire time, or are you going off to college in a few years?

Your dad may have a perspective like that. Find out what his issue is specifically and address it.

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I was the same way with my parents. My mom didn't mind but my dad didn't want another pet (our dog had died a few years back) because he felt that it would eventually fall to him to take care of the cat. I did unexpectedly get a kitten my junior year of high school from a friend, and my dad did cave and let me keep it. However, vet bills can be expensive, even for office visits, when you're in school! I paid my parents back for everything when I could, but it was hard. Also, I left for college and it was really hard leaving my cat home since you can't bring them with you. Then my dad DID end up caring for the cat while I was away, which was difficult since I cared more for the cat and was more in tune with the way she acted so I was afraid she'd get sick and my parents wouldn't notice for awhile. Plus I lost out on 4 years of cuddles and training her correctly.

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