How often should my cat be vaccinated

I adopted kitten two years ago and he was vaccinated at the shelter. We took him a year later for a check up and he received another vaccination for Rabies. We also adopted another one year old cat a year ago and he was vaccinated for rabies at the shelter. I am a relatively new cat owner and my cats have been doing well and they are indoor cats (except when I take them out on a leash). I am not sure how long the Rabies vaccination lasts and if I need to repeat the vaccination each year or what the laws are in NY state. A google search was unclear. If my cats seem healthy, how often should I go to the vet?

Asked by Tigger on May 23rd 2012 Tagged vaccination, vet, health in Vaccinations
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Rabies vaccinations are mandated by law in every state. There are one-year and three-year shots. The concern about vaccinations is that some cats develop cancerous tumors at the injection sites, but I believe the one-year shot is considered safer. You can read about the current vaccination protocols at the AVMA website. If your kitties are strictly indoors, they don't need distemper of feline leukemia vaccinations, so don't let the vet give them those (they not required by law).

A yearly exam is fine for young, healthy cats; once they reach 8 years old, they're considered "seniors" and should have an exam every six months.

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