How often is "normal" for a cat to throw up?

My 5 yr old, medium-hair kitty has been getting sick about once a week or two for about 6 mos or so now- Last Tuesday I awoke to her getting sick at 6:30 a.m., twice, and then tonight she threw up twice after supper. It's usually undigested food right after she eats dinner (I split a can of wet food b/w my two kitties each evening and they free feed on dry food rest of the day). Only today was there a 3/4 inch hairball that came up with the second heaving fit after dinner. Should I be worried that only after every second or third episode does a small hairball actually surface? The vet said not to worry, but how can one not, even though kitty seems happy/healthy otherwise? Oh, also is it also normal and/or ok for cats to eat their vomit? There has been a case or two when someone's apparently gotten sick later at night and I won't find it (or remnants of it) until the next day. Thanks!

Asked by Shelby on Aug 9th 2010 Tagged vomit, hairball, food, eating in Shedding
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If it helps, I found that my long hair cat used to throw up hair balls quite frequently along with quite a bit of her food. That is until I switch her to a diet for hair ball control. Frequently, foods labeled for indoor cats will also be intended to control hair balls. They have fiber to help the hair pass through the digestion tract without problems. And of course, frequent grooming helps with hair balls. If that doesn't work for you, then I would recommend seeing the vet again. And it is fairly normal for a cat to eat vomit, I'm not sure if it is safe to do so though.

Midnight answered on 8/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Is she eating really fast when she gets the wet food? My previous cat Stormy wolfed down her food and then barfed it up frequently her whole life and the vet could never find anything wrong. She still put on plenty of weight and was healthy otherwise. I agree with the other poster that a high fiber food might help. I find that unless my dry food has higher fiber, Allie has problems with hairballs. I use Wellness Indoor (5% fiber) and Chicken Soup for adult cats (4% fiber) and they rarely have hairballs now. Just keep up with the vet checkups and if you really feel like the vet isn't taking your concerns seriously, then I would suggest a second opinion. I changed vets this past Spring and I can't begin to tell you how much happier I am with the new ones.

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