How often, how much, and what should my kitten be eating?

Hi! I'm new here. I've asked this question before, but it didn't link to my profile, so I figured I'd post it again to see if it works this time.

My kitten is 5 months old. We're currently feeding him one can of Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys (3 oz) and 1/2 cup of Purina Kitten Chow in the morning before we leave for work. When we come home, there is usually some dry food left, but we give him another half scoop. It's usually gone by morning.

I have read that Purina/Fancy Feast products are not the best choice for cats. I'd like to know how these products could hurt/hinder him, and what would be better, and why.

He is a strictly indoor cat. He is UTD on shots and worming, and he seems to be a healthy weight.

I've had cats in the past, but this little guy is special and I really want to do the best I can for him.

All answers appreciated!


Leah and Versace

Asked by Versace on Nov 1st 2009 Tagged kitten, food, health, nutrition in Pet Food
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Izadore (Izzie)

Welcome to Catster! My DH told me I couldn't have any more animals either. That was 2 cats and 1 dog ago! 8-) What to feed is a very hotly contested topic here. No doubt I'll be told I'm nuts which happened last time I answered a food question, but here goes. I feed my 2 dogs and 3 cats Purina One. At each vet trip, they all get high marks for general health, coat condition, etc. My vet sells Science Diet, but she tells me that Purina is fine considering the good shape my animals are in. Even the canned food you feed Sace should be kitten formula,though. I also free feed which will also draw negative comments from the masses here, but my cats are not overweight. Put the recommended amount in Sace's bowl each day and when that's gone, don't refill. For a definitive answer on what to feed, rely on your vet who knows Sace and his needs. Someone will undoubtely say "vets aren't nutritionists", but my vet knows LOT about animal nutrition and I rely on her advice.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/2/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

♥ Tasha ♥

I have always fed my kittens as much as they wanted. I would stick with kitten food for the first year. Canned food is best for your little guy. A website you may want to check out is:

Good luck!

♥ Tasha ♥ answered on 11/2/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Yeah drop the purina cat chow! it's better suited for chicken feed then cat food to be honest. Fancy feast is good. I wouldn't feed elegant medeleys, since it's more expensive AND not as good. go with the gourmet chicken feast,gourmet,salmon feast,and gourmet oceanfish feast as those have under 15% carbohydrates and no grain. and she's a kitten so do this now when she's open to try new stuff, raw meat(no ground) twice a week is a great supplement.

Go with two 3 oz cans a day and when she grows up go to one can. and if your going to have a raw meat day, do 3 ounces.

Sprinkles answered on 11/2/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Meowmy won't really go into what to feed because there is much debate about that here. Meowmy feeds me one full cup of dry food each day and about a quarter can of wet in the morning and evening. I eat Evo, Orijen, Before Grain and Core dry foods. Meowmy just mixes all the dry food in a big plastic container and I get a little of each brand with every scoop. I eat Evo, Felidae and Wellness wet food.

If I want more wet food in the evening before bed, I get another quarter can. Meowmy was told by the vet to feed as much as I want since I am still a growing maine coon kitten (5 months old). The vet says I am in perfect condition. Weight, coat, eyes and teeth look great. At about 8 months, meowmy will be more strict and only give me wet food 2x per day with dry food left out all the time. We'll slowly switch to adult food a few weeks before my 1st birthday.

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