how often do i bath a kitten

Asked by Member 709745 on Aug 18th 2008 in Grooming
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Cats and kittens really do no need baths. They naturally groom themselves, especially after they eat. If your kitten has fleas or gets really dirty by getting into something, then you may need to give it a bath. If you do bathe your kitten, make sure you use baby shampoo or a shampoo made just for kittens.

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Izadore (Izzie)

This is a great answer. Many people think that cats and kittens need baths just like people do--regularly and often. However, this isn't true. Brush your kitten regularly with a soft brush--not a wire "slicker" brush as this can scratch his/her skin and turn him/her off of brushing. When your kitten gets old enough, use flea drops like Frontline for kittens available from your vet to prevent fleas and ticks. I NEVER bathe my cats but I do brush and Frontline them regulaly and all 3 of them are healthy, happy and fine.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 8/18/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


It depends on a number of factors, especially the length of the kitten's fur. The little white Persian fluffball that you bought at the pet store isn't going to look too good after half a year unless you bathe it. Maine Coons have oily fur that served them well when they were outdoor farm cats, but to keep them looking their best, an occasional bath is necessary. For longhaired cats, professionals prefer metal combs to brushes, as they are better at getting out the tangles. In any event, regular grooming is a must. If you do have a longhaired cat, get it used to baths while still a kitten. I have shampooed kittens and not used special kitten shampoo, just regular cat shampoo--just be sure not to get it in their eyes. If you have a shorthaired cat, regular baths are not necessary, but are helpful for getting rid of dead and loose fur during shedding season. Again, I would recommend getting your cat used to baths when still a kitten, whether long or short haired.

Lola answered on 8/19/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Usually kittens do not need baths unless they get really dirty or they have fleas. If you brush your kitten with a soft brush a few times a week than your kitten will probably not need to be bathed often. What you might want to do is just get him used to getting wet while he is still young. Just dip him in a little bit of water every so often so that if you do have to give him a bath when he gets older he won't mind as much

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Cold is a danger to kittens, especially little ones. It is not recommended to bathe kittens. They can get chilled, then sick, very easily. But maybe ask your Vet or local animal shelter for advice. Let them know kitten's age and why you want to, (fleas, dirty, to get him/her used to it), and see what they think.
I agree that brushing and treating for fleas (when old enough) should keep kitten's fur-coat in good shape.
For fleas, you can also comb them out with a flea-comb. Drop any fleas you get in a container of H2O with a few drops of dish detergent. If dirty, you can also use baby wipes and brush. To get kitty use to it, maybe wait 'til he/she's a big kitten and therefore stronger and less vulnerable.
Have fun with your little fur-friend!

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