How much playtime (human playtime) should a kitten be getting?

I just got a kitten a few weeks ago and she could not be any more playful! Thankfully, I am a very active and have tons of energy so I am able to keep up with her.

However, I get tired faster than she does. We will play for HOURS (running around my apartment, jumping up on bed and couch, playing fetch... the list goes on) and I was curious how much attention/playtime is sufficient?

She is the only kitten/cat in my household so I am her main source of entertainment.... If I play with her for about 4-5 hours a day and let her play with her toys on her own time, does this sound like enough exercise/play?

Asked by Bentlee on Nov 23rd 2007 Tagged playtime, exercise, play in Exercise & Play
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Izadore (Izzie)

When I was rescued from under my neighbor's deck, my meowmie played and talked with me constantly. It was never enough. I was about 12 weeks old at the time. However, a lot of playtime is also learning time. If I got "too crazy" and started biting or clawing, Meowmie taught me that this was not acceptable, and this was also part of playtime. Us little ones can get really riled up with playtime. The more you give us, the more we want and we can get really out of control. We need to learn that when you need a rest that we need to entertain ourselves, and we will not learn how to play by ourselves if we always have YOU to entertain us. So that's why Meowmie bought me lots of toys and a scratching post to amuse myself. As we get older, we will calm down and you shouldn't worry about that. We're not sick or anything, just getting older. But if we bond with you, we will be your BFF and that's a bad thing. Just make sure that with the playtime we also get some life lessons!!

Izadore (Izzie) answered on Nov 23rd.

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