(miss) sebastian

how does one go about moving multiple cats cross country?

my cousin's family is moving from the jersey shore to vegas, sometime in the near future. (house is purchased there, just need to sell the current house, pack, and go) however, they have about 20 cats and a couple of dogs all of which are rescues and several of whom have health issues (diabetes, etc). they are fully determined to take all of the animals with them, but the logistics of it is a bit baffling. one-way rv rentals are non-existent, a moving truck designated for the pets has been deemed inhumane, etc. anyone have any suggestions?

Asked by (miss) sebastian on Feb 25th 2013 Tagged longmoves, multiplecats, moving, travel, cats, dogs in Travel & Recreation
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Angel Velcro

I've moved a big kennel & large cattery several times although never across the country. I think what I would do is rent a van, get some extra large plastic dog crates & carry the kitties in dog crates. You could put between 2 & 3 kitties who get along well together to a crate depending on the size of the kitties. Individual kitties can travel in smaller single kitty size crates. If you elect to take all your kitties in separate individual size crates, you can also take an extra large dog crate to use as a place for the kitties to go to eat, drink, & use the litter. Never open a crate door unless all your vehicle doors are closed. Extra large plastic dog crates work well for many purposes & are very useful in a multi-cat household. For example, right now Gabriel is crated in an xlg dog crate where I can easily treat his FLUTD & make sure he's drinking & urinating adequately. Cats are safer being left crated when they're in a hotel room too.

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