How do you retrain a cat to poop in the litter box?

My 8 month old cat Raijin has started pooping outside the litter box after a spell of diarrhea. I read online that he could associate the box with the pain of the diarrhea so I got a different shaped litter box without a hood. I have tried changing litter (even using cat attract litter), adding a box, locking him in the bathroom with his food and water and the box, feliway diffuser in case he's stresssed. The vet says he's healthy and all his tests came back negative. The boxes are in private locations as well. I do have another cat that is the same age as him but they get along well. He pees in the box just fine and has used the box in the past for pooping. I also read that if he is trying to mark his territory then he wouldn't try to bury it which I've seen him do.

Asked by Member 1148372 on Jan 5th 2013 Tagged cat, pooping, outside, litter, box, defication in Behavior & Training
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Well, I have an adult male tabby (three-legged) cat that I recently rescued as a stray. I noticed when I was trying to get him to poop (like Raijin, peeing was fine) after surgery that the soft, clumping litter seemed to make him go more often. Before that, I had been supplying him with the pebbly-type of litter. Try giving him food right outside the box? I hope this helps, and if not, try asking cat fanciers, vets, or quality pet store employees. If anything, it might just be time. Giving an animal time to re-learn to use a litter-box can be challenging. Maybe it could be the breed of cat? Does that breed get traumatized easily?

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