How do you rehydrate a cat?

So, we've known for 3 years that he has hyperthyroidism, and today we switched vets *cause the last one accused us of neglect because he wasn't gaining weight and because they changed his medication way too much*. The vet told us that he also has a possible kidney problem because he's dehydrated. they took blood samples and are doing the blood work and everything, but is there any way to rehydrate a cat? i didn't even know he was dehydrated because he drinks a lot. is there anything i can do until the vet calls tomorrow?

Asked by Teal on Sep 3rd 2008 Tagged dehydration in Other Health & Wellness
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Beechnut baby food, chicken or turkey ONLY. About 1 teaspoon, mixed with lukewarm water, so it is the consistancy of almost broth.

I have one male that is suseptable to crystals, and he has to have the added water intake. He gets this once a day.

Don't know anything about hyperthyroidism or kidney stuff, the others could prob tell you more, hope your kitty is feeling better soon. (((((((((((HUGS TO HIM)))))))

answered on Sep 3rd.

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For kidney disease I could consider putting him on calcitriol. It is very common for cats with hyper thyroidism to also have kidney problems. He also needs to be eating special low protein food to put less pressure on his kidneys.

What is he being treated with for hyperthyroidism? Sophia was on methimazole for years and did well, I know some people recommend radioactive iodine treatment or surgery.

To re-hydrate you need to feed wet food and mix water in with it. I would also either have the vet give him sub q fluids or learn to do it yourself at home (warning it can be hard to do it yourself, we did it for a month).

Ask your vet lots of question, see the test results, learn what they mean. In order to make good decisions for your cat you need to be informed and thats your vet's job.

Sam answered on 9/4/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer