How do we interduced a shelter cat to indoor catdom?

She was born at the shelter an doesn't know any normal indoor cat behavior. Should we jus go about our day an do what we do. Or take steps in showing her things like the vaccun aren't going to hurt her. As of now she jus lays on the couch an stares at everything.

Asked by Member 1104732 on Apr 7th 2012 Tagged indoorcat, behavior, rescue, shelter in Bringing Your Pet Home
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Let her go about on her own. If she was super freaked out I would say keep her in a small bedroom until she seems really comfortable being there; but if she's already out on your couch she's doing really well. She might always run from the vacuum cleaner, a lot of cats do even if they were raised indoors, just let her go hide if she needs to while you're cleaning. There isn't any reason she needs to make peace with it.

Just by living in the home environment getting lots of nice human attention she'll learn pretty quickly that it's much better than being in a shelter in a cage or a room with dozens of other cats.

Thanks for choosing adoption!

Cali answered on 4/10/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer