How do I treat post-neuter bleeding?

I had my 6 month old kitten neutered 9 days ago and everything seemed fine. His behavior is completely normal (still insane) and he shows no signs of discomfort. A few days after I brought him home, though, I noticed a scab had formed at one of his incisions. I didn't think much of it, since he seemed untroubled by it and there were no signs of infection.
I figured it would just drop off.

But today, the scab is still there and I've noticed little spots of blood where he's been sitting. The vet says to keep an eye on it, but it's probably normal healing. Still, bleeding a week after the fact seems odd--shoud I at least try to clean the area or put something on the scab to prevent infection? (Forgot to ask the vet, and now they're closed!) Recommendations appreciated!

Asked by GrisGris on Nov 8th 2008 Tagged neutering, bleeding, firstaid in Spaying & Neutering
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It is odd that the surgery site would be bleeding a week afterward. However, since there is a scab, and all else seems to be fine (no swelling or pus), it could just be that your cat has been licking at the scab or otherwise causing it to bleed. I'd recommend using a very dilute solution of betadine and water (mixed so that it's the color of weak tea) to clean the area. I wouldn't recommend applying any kind of antibiotic oinments or other medications without direction from your vet.

Happy healing!

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