How do I stop my cat stealing food from my plate?

My kitten Lottie is 5 months old, we have a n older cat Vince who is two years old. Vince has always meowed for food whenever you go in the kitchen and has once or twice stolen scraps from a used dinner plate - he even fished a pizza out the bin once and ate that but if you catch him in the act and tell him off, he backs off. The problem now is that Lottie has copied this behaviour but is worse! She will grab food right from your plate and run off with it, I tell her off and pick her up and move her from wherever we are eating but its just not changing her behaviour - its becoming a bit of an issue. She is very well fed, looked after and played with so I know shes not hungry or bored. I just need some help with how to retrain her to not do this?

All help is hugely appreciated!

Asked by Member 1083901 on Jan 12th 2012 Tagged food, stealing, behaviour, kitten in Behavior & Training
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It sounds as if YOU need a bit of training as well as your cats. Human food should never be left within reach of a cat. Your leftovers need to be either put away in a fridge or cupboard, secured in a trash bin, or taken out of the house. Leftovers should not be left in an open bin where your cats can get to it.

I would suggest that you put your cats in another room or area of the house BEFORE you start eating or preparing food. If you chase them around after they've already stolen food, they'll just think it's a game. Put them in a safe area away from the food until your mealtime is over and leftovers have been saved or disposed of properly. This is the kindest, safest thing you can do for your cats. It isn't wise to continue to allow them to steal food from your plates, as human food can be dangerous to cats. Pizza, which you have mentioned, is likely to have garlic, which can be deadly if a cat ingests too much.

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