Madison Jewels (RIP)

How do I get my cat to be more active?

My cat Madison is 3 almost 4 years old and I think, she would like it here more if me and her had something to do together. I feed her, pet her, take pictures, watch her sleep, and at the end of the day she sleeps by me. But, the thing is, I want to do something with her. I don't know if she's too old to learn or something, but, any tips on getting her to play more? And, maybe feel more...I guess, comfortable around me? She doesn't sit on my lap or lay next to me accept for at night, maybe rarely she takes a nap behind me while I sit on my bed, but, I want to bond with her more. I often tell her I love her, and she meows back, and, the only thing I have that she wants, is these treats I got her a few days ago. Other then that, she just walks around the house and things, but, I want her to bond with me more, any help is great. Thanks in advance. :)

Asked by Madison Jewels (RIP) on Jun 27th 2010 Tagged more, active, cat, madison, domestic, shorthair, toys, play, kitty, bond, love, owner, affection in Behavior & Training
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My female cat doesn't want to be affectionate unless SHE wants to. The male is always affectionate. From my experience, cats decide when they want to cuddle. If you try and force it, it won't happen. You may also want to try brushing her regularly. My cat seems to love that. It's never too late to play with you cat. Of course she will chase string and play. Bonding is also something that happens more and more over the years. Good luck!

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Rider (Dreamboat #72b)

There are lots of interactive "wand" or "fishing pole" style toys that most cats love and are great for bonding. Many cats also like laser lights. The Play 'N Squeak line of toys is also great and are available at PetCo and PetSmart or You could also hang some bird feeders outside the windows for her to watch or invest in a fish tank. They also make DVDs for cats... My cat like the Cat Sitter DVD. I also have a pet stroller and Rider and Mickey like going for walks with me.

Anyway, just some suggestions you and Madison might enjoy together. Also, some cats are just not lap cats. Some kitties just prefer to be near you instead of on your lap or held. Don't be disappointed if she never becomes a lap cat and don't force the issue. I'm sure Madison still loves you, she just might not be as demonstrative as you'd like.

Rider (Dreamboat #72b) answered on 6/27/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Toby Tomcat Dreamboat #122b

Madison looks so cute. I looked at your profile and read it. Very Smart about info! Good Job.

Some cats are never what I call lappers.
My Timmy is all over me but never on my lap. He gets the jitters if I pick him up. He was a feral. He sleeps next to me and loves to sit next to me.

You have to really make a big deal out of behavior you like. Lots of words. I talk to my guys all the time. They have no idea what I am saying, but, they know exactly how I feel.

My Toby started to jump into my lap about 8 months ago. He did it and I was surprised but gave him a pet and he jumped down. A few days later he did it again. Then again. Now I just look at him and and point at my lap and he jumps up. Now he does not stay long except if I am on the recliner reading. He then gets all close and either is on top or against me. He likes to clean up when he first lays like this then he goes to sleep. Same thing every time. Be consistent. Cats LOVE routines. Reinforce good routines. Purrs

Toby Tomcat Dreamboat #122b answered on 6/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Izadore (Izzie)

Izzie was a feral cat when I rescued him. I had to keep him in a cage and work with him for almost 6 weeks. My dog and my other cat, Ernie, helped me socialize him. I had him for almost 3 months when one day he jumped up on my lap and went to sleep. He does that all the time now, in the evening when I'm watching tv. When I try to love him up, he will then wash and groom himself for half an hour like I have the cooties or something (LOL). I have accepted the fact that when Izzie lays on my lap every evening, this is how he tells me he loves me. This is our "bond". Izzie also "talks" to me and says "Maaa!" when it's supper time! We love each other just like Madison Jewels loves you. She KNOWS you are a wonderful person and even if she doesn't act like it, your name is definitely written on her heart!

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