How do I get Belle to stop begging for food?

We try to feed Belle 1/4 of a cup twice a day, like she's supposed to get, but the rest of the time (when she's not eating) she begs like no other!! She could stand to lose about 2 to 3 lbs, so she's not starving! She probably spends half the day begging in the kitchen, and she will run to the kitchen anytime she hears someone in there, meowing incessantly. We have tried completely ignoring her, but she just meows louder and it drives us crazy!

It's especially bad now that our other cat Linus has started a special food that the vet put him on, so he's supposed to be fed 3x a day. So then Belle thinks she needs to eat 3x a day or more.

Please, I am desperate! Her begging is that bad! What can we do to get her to stop begging? She is on a nutritious food (Blue Buffalo Indoor Cat), and the vet says there's nothing medically wrong with her. Any ideas???

Asked by Belle on Dec 4th 2011 in Other Food & Nutrition
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If I'm not mistaken, that particular food is very high in grains and carbohydrates, which may not be filling enough for Belle. Such ingredients might give her adequate calories, but still be less than what she needs for protein and energy throughout the day. This may cause her to put on pounds while not getting everything she ideally needs nutritionally.

I would suggest switching her to a high-protein grain-free food, preferably canned rather than dry. I believe that Blue Buffalo has some varieties if you like that particular brand, or there are plenty of other choices.

Since Linus eats 3x per day, it might be good to divide Belle's meals into 3x per day also. I feed both of my cats 2 regular meals and 1 small meal per day, so they don't have to go so long between meals. Also, keep in mind that the feeding recommendations on the package are guidelines only, and the daily amount may vary for your particular cat. Experiment until you find what works best!

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Orange Ruffy

She sounds hungry.
Something I learned-cat's need wet food. Even good quality dry food is not the best for them. It can, by virtue of the fact taht it's made from some sort of grain to make it dry, going to have carbs. If I eat cereal in the morning, I'm hungry in an hour. So imagine cats, who are Carnivores having to make due with dry food only.
Get her on a good quality canned food...Blue Buffalo has a grain free and many others do now, too. The more protein and fat, the more satisfied she'll be.
My cats are fed 4 times a day. My adults get half a small can each per feeding. I use fancy feast classic chicken for them or classic turkey and giblets. This seems to work for them.
I was advised smaller meals like this, more times a day, is better. They are fed 5:ooam, 6:30pm (1/2 can of FF each feeding) and then at 6pm and 8:40pm. This holds them over. There is dry felidae down as well as I have one who does prefer dry sometimes.

She may need more food!

Orange Ruffy answered on 12/5/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Sounds like you and I have the same cat! My cat, Angel, weighs 15 lbs. and she also could stand to lose 2 or 3 lbs. I feed her Wellness grain free canned food 3x a day and she still begs when we eat. I can't stand it either! My vet tells me that if I keep her on canned food, she probably won't develop diabetes. I don't leave any dry food out for her ever. I only offer a few little pieces of Wellness Core dry food as a "treat". She gets catnip as her treat (which she loves). Fortunately, she doesn't bother us when we are sleeping. I get up at 5:30 a.m. every day and feed her right away. She gets lunch at 12:00 noon or so and dinner between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. depending on my work schedule. I don't know how nutritious Blue Buffalo is. You need to check the ingredients. Wellness canned food has the highest protein content I could find in a cat food. The Core dry food is 40% protein. If you do switch foods, always do it gradually so to avoid any stomach upset. Good luck!!

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