How do I fly my extremely timid cat to the UK???

I'm moving back to the UK in the next few months from South Africa so am busy sorting out quarantine for him that side. My cat is extremely timid maybe because I adopted him at 7 months old from the SPCA. He hates too much fuss from people he's not aware of and he almost has a panic attack when in a car.(howling, panting, trying to claw his way out). I'm so worried about him going on a long haul flight! I'm aware that I shouldn't give him a sedative but do you know if there's anything else I can give him as some sort of relaxant? I don't think I can put him through this if he has nothing, I'm already having sleepless nights! and then at the end of the long journey, he has 6 months quarantine to endure! Obviously I'll be visiting him every single week....and I'm not giving him away either, he's part of the family now so he's coming with us and he's only 2 years old. I feel so mean!
Any help would be appreciated!!! Mel

Asked by Member 936932 on Jan 9th 2010 in Pet Products
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