How do I communicate "no" to a deaf cat?

Bringing in abandoned semi-wild cat who is deaf. How do I tell him that certain actions are not acceptable? He was possibly abused since he attacked when a hand is moved toward him (biting and clawing).

Asked by Member 896145 on Sep 27th 2011 in Aggression
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Use consistent, clear hand gestures when communicating with your cat. Cats are intelligent and will soon begin to recognize what you are communicating if you consistently use the same hand gesture. For example, shaking your hand in a "thumbs down" motion while shaking your head will soon teach your cat that you mean "No." Do not startle your deaf cat by sneaking up on him. You can use vibrating collars when training your cat. Take advantage of your deaf cat's heightened senses, including sight and smell. Use laser pointers or flashlights to play with your cat or get his attention. Use a loud, clear tone when talking to your cat, and pay attention to your facial expressions. Cats are able to pick up on nonverbal communication.

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