How Cold is too cold for my cats?

My DH and I have been disagreeing over whether making our cats sleep in the basement rather than in our bedroom is inappropriate. It's below freezing outside and our basement temperature is around 50 degrees. Is that too cold for the cats? They are both shorthairs and have their own warm beds in the basement.


Asked by Coco on Jan 23rd 2008 Tagged coldtemperaturewinter in Other Health & Wellness
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Izadore (Izzie)

There are lots of stray kitties out there who would love to be able to sleep in a basement that's 50 degrees! Who has the issues, you or DH? My cats have the run of our house at night and all three have their own beds which they wind up in eventually. But our three dogs sleep in our room with us and it is rather crowded and there are times when my DH and I would rather not have the..uh,.. company. ;-) If it's too chilly for YOU in the basement, it's probably too cold for the kitties, not to mention possibly damp which can promote arthritis later in their lives. Is there another bedroom they could sleep in? Can you let them have the run of your house at night? Just a caveat; if they've been sleeping with mom and dad all along, they aren't going to be too happy about being kicked out of the bedroom and they'll let you know about it, loudly and continually!

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the kaya skye & shyloh paige

ok. i used to go spelunking in my glorious youth. temperature in a cave is pretty constant at around 53...and we were taught to wear layers, because if you stay still at that temperature you will go hypothermic. You pull off the layers when you're super-active, like ascending a chimney formation or something, but otherwise-trust me, 53 is chilly. Of course, your cats aren't sloshing through methane lakes down there, but unless they have some layering or heated beds, that's too cold for sleeping for a mammal. it's survivable, yes. but it is putting them under systemic stress that isn't necessary. try to find a workaround...i once helped pack out a wounded team member (cut her head on a stalagmite, we went far afield when we hit virgin mud), and we all shed some layers to keep her out of shock. by the time we got out we were all disoriented, dehydrated, and shivering uncontrollably. Night after night, 50 degrees is just too cold...find a workaround.

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I am a little old bidy and my humans were worried that I was cold at night - I will only sleep on the ground floor of our town house and its the coldest place in the house. My humans got me this great thing called a "Snuggle-safe"! They put it in this noisy machine (I think they call it a microwave) and then put it in my bed, it stays hot all night and I can snuggle up on it! Its made of solid plastic so i can't chew it or break it either! Its fab! Hope that helps!
Tinker x

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