How can I encourage my kittens to get on better?

Hi I have two kittens, one female who is 10 weeks and one male who is 6 weeks. I bought the female two weeks ago and the male only on the Friday just gone. I've been leaving the male in a big dog cage in the same room as the female, every time I let them out together the female always beats up the boy, she's constantly bunny kicking his head so I have to break it up incase the boy gets hurt as he's only still little compared to her. I know it's only been a few days but I'd have thought that they'd get on a little by now especially after everything I've read about two kittens on the Internet. Really need help on how to help them get along with each other, as we let the female downstairs but the boy only in one room upstairs, which isn't fair on him. If my female could get along with him there would be no problem. But she only ever approaches the boy to beat him, any advice on how to help them get along would be great! Thanks :)

Asked by Member 1145575 on Dec 17th 2012 Tagged kitten, fighting, aggressive, beatsup, getalongbetter, help in Behavior & Training
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