Hi, my cat wants to eat only treats.

Hi, I my cat is really spoilt. She wants to live on treats only. If I get her a new kind of wet or dry food, she would eat it happily for a few days and then she gets picky and wants something else, preferably only treats.

I know it's my fault, because I spoiled her. How to put her through some kind of "treat addiction rehab" safely? I don't want to be mean to her, but we have to stop this behavior. Is it OK to give her dry food she loved just a week ago and let her go really hungry until she eats it?

I don't want to torture her - I love her and that's why I want her to eat better. I always give her only best quality grain free dry and wet food and as I mentioned, she loves it at first, but then she gets tired of it.

Thank you for advice. Olga

Asked by Dauji on Jan 23rd 2012 Tagged treats, food, picky in Treats
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It is NEVER okay to let your cat go hungry. Even relatively short amounts of time without food can lead to serious health problems in a cat. She NEEDS to eat.

Some believe that cats will eventually eat when they become hungry enough, but I have a different understanding. I've been told that cats are the only species besides humans that will intentionally starve themselves. If a cat doesn't want to eat the food offered, she won't eat. It's the responsibility of the human guardian to provide options for the cat to ensure that she eats and remains healthy.

It sounds like your cat may get bored quickly with the same food. I suggest that you try rotating a variety of different foods, introducing any new foods gradually, so each meal is something new. I also believe that wet food is generally better than dry food. My cats are on an all-canned diet of grain-free foods in different brands and flavors, and it works very well for us.

If she still rejects food, a vet checkup may be in order.

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Your cats needs to be healthy and treats do not provide full nutritional value. It's definitely not okay to let her go hungry. Try mixing a treat in with her food or getting food similar flavor and brand of her favorite treats.

Also, ask your vet for recommendations because he/she will know your cats history and have a better idea of what to try. Sometimes it is a matter of finding the right food. I had a cat once that would only eat one kind of food. Hope this helps!

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