Helping my cat get along with the other three cats

I have had my cat Bela for just over a year now. She's about 2-3 years old I guess and I have yet to really be able to get her to get along with other cats. One of my current roommates has two fairly docile male cats (each about 3-5 years old I guess) that she would hiss and swipe at no matter how slowly we introduced her to them. Feliway didn't seem to work and the device would end up overheating anyway. Now she's been at my mom's house for a while with three cats and has been suddenly getting into viscous fights with one cat after only getting into light scruffs before and coexisting OK with them after being introduced through a child keeper gate over two weeks or so. I'm now about to bring her back here and am going to have to introduce her to the original two cats again as well as a new, younger male cat I brought in. I'm thinking of keeping her in my room again with her own litter box and buying covers for claws and spraying her with water if she fights. Any other suggestions?

Asked by Member 1076925 on Dec 11th 2011 Tagged crazy, introducing, femalekitty, multiplecats, stress in Socialization
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My Carly is a rescue and came into my house with an attitude about other cats.The rest have been part of a big family all their lives so they could care less if there is one more. Luckily she is more fearful than aggressive but I wanted her to relax and live in peace. I bought her a calming collar that has the same pheramones as the Feliway along with lavender and chamomile. It seemed to help. My vet also said that the Feliway may take up to a month to really help so if you gave up after the first refill, you may not have gotten the full help from it. When she picks a fight, comfort the other cat and not her. If you give her attention, no matter what kind, she may see it as positive reinforcement of her behavior. My vet gave me a article on how to introduce them the best way possible. This is a good one from the ASPCA: BE PATIENT!! It takes time

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