Hello, What's my breed?

Asked by Member 1141526 on Nov 20th 2012 Tagged whichwhatbreedisthiskittencat in Breeds
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That is a prime specimen of the Cute Breed.
Haha, but in all seriousness, it's near impossible to tell the breed based on one picture alone, not unless the cat has some outstanding characteristics (such as being hairless.)

He/she looks like a cute, long-haired mixed breed tabby to me. If he/she was a rescue cat, or a cat from a shelter, then it's even more likely he/she is a mixed breed. That is completely fine, sometimes mixed breeds are healthier and have better personalities than pedigree cats.

If you're absolutely SURE the cat is not a mixed breed, my best guess would be a Maine Coon because of the ear tufts - even more so if the kitty is large for his/her age. But again, it's hard to tell from one picture, especially since so many breeds can have tabby stripes.

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