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Okay so due to hair fall I'm getting my cat shaved since its summers also and combing often will take time so its better to get it shaved as it has no harm right? Cat will not feel hot. Secondly due to sexual urge I got my cat heat shots to control it now I'm thinking to have her kittens so like when she will get pregnant will she be a trouble to keep? And will she vomit and get sick like women do in pregnancy? Secondly this time when she will reach the sexual urge I'll get her mated but after that I might not want kittens so if I will not get her heat shots will she act crazy? Or get out of control for which I'll need to do an operation to stop it forever? Secondly Ifeed her meow can food as iI've heard that biscuits are not suitable for them the vet said this. I give her can food and boiled chicken more so how many times should I feed her? Tell me timings? I keep water 24(7 that's fine? Besides what else can I feed her except for purchasing food as I'm short with money.Milk for cat?

Asked by Member 902315 on Jun 5th 2013 Tagged foodhealthandgrooming in Grooming
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There are many options to feed the cats also i found a recent written blog post on some really good preparations for pet cats. You may like to follow the blog in this regard:

Hope this one gives you some good ideas on that.

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