Going on vacation for 3 weeks.

Hi! I am going on vacation to visit my parents for 3 weeks. I live in a decent sized house with open spaces where kitty can run around. Originally I was going to leave her with her original owner but she backed out at the last minute. I would have made arrangements to take her with me had she told me earlier. Boarding is not an option with the price. I have asked my friend to come over every 2-3 days to play with kitty, make sure she has fresh food and water and litter. My housemate will be home most of the time, but she does NOT like him. Is this okay for kitty?

Asked by Member 1145595 on Dec 17th 2012 Tagged travel, leaving, lonely in Travel & Recreation
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It's too bad your housemate doesn't love kitty as much as you do. :( It might help things in the future if you can foster a working (if not cordial) relationship between the two, and agree to trade some house chores or another favor if your housemate can agree to do the 3 most basic tasks (food, water, litter).

Most cats are pretty self-sufficient and will be ok with visits every 1-2 days (I don't think I'd push it to 3, though). They'll need food and water, of course, but also litter scooped and some interactive play time, and also just a check to make sure kitty hasn't gotten into any danger or trouble. Kitties are curious creatures, as you know, and might find something they shouldn't get into...

If you don't already know about it, there are online pet-sitting service listings on sites like and where you might be able to find an experienced pet sitter for a reasonable price, even last-minute. Good luck!

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