First time vet visit.

This will be my first time taking a kitty to the vet or any animal for that matter. She will be getting her shots and tests done as well as a full exam. I have no idea what to expect from my kitten or how to make her feel comfortable as possible and as not freaked out as possible. What are some suggestions to make this as hassle free and pleasant as possible for both of us? Also what do they do for the "exam'?

Asked by Puar on Jun 12th 2012 Tagged vet, vaccinations, kitten, fisrttime in Vaccinations
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The exam will includes a look in her ears and eyes,taking her temperature, feeling her joints and internal organs to be sure they are normal, listening to her heart and lungs, checking lymph nodes to be sure they aren't swollen and looking at her teeth and getting her weight. Make sure you have a blanket in her carrier that she can cuddle in the car with and I usually seat belt the carrier in to be sure my babies are safe. Fear of the vet is a learned behavior and you just need to keep her from thinking there is a reason to be afraid. Comfort and cuddle her and talk to her so she will know you are there for her. With some of mine, the vet has had a hard time getting them to stop purring so she can hear with her stethoscope. If there are dogs in the waiting room just try not to let them get too close and scare her if she has never seen dogs. My vet is cats only but my cats are used to dogs at home anyway.

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Izadore (Izzie)

I'd just like to add to Allie's excellent advice that make sure you take a notepad along with any questions you may have and the answers the vet and their staff give you. Sometimes when you're in the midst of an exam with a nervous animal it's difficult to remember all those questions you thought of while at home and also what the vet said. Good luck!

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