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I did some research on Feralstat after answering your question. It seems there is no middle ground! At first glance, it seems like the answer to every rescue's prayers. It's an oral contraceptive given to feral colonies that stops females from coming into heat. However, it's expensive. You need to put it in their food every month, but they all have to actually eat the food. It's not FDA approved and it's said it can cause tumors and other not-so-great things Since these cats live wild, there could be no treatment if they did develop and problem. The argument is that it's better than trapping and killing the feral cats, I'm not so sure. I expect that we'll have to count on people like you, who may use it, to test it. In any case, you need to contact the vet on the website (www.feralstat.com) that you're supposed to get the Feralstat from to determine how, when and how much to use.

Asked by Izadore (Izzie) on Jun 19th 2009 Tagged feralcatcontraceptive, doesitwork, isitsafe in Pregnancy
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I'm not sure if this is site is legit. I contacted them and talked to the online "vet" about ordering a supply and was asked for my credit card number. I responded by requesting that he email me an address (I didn't have a pen and paper handy at the time)so I could pay by check instead. I haven't heard from them since. As my 5th grade teacher used to tell us, "A hint, to the wise, is sufficient."

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I used feralstat on all my cats starting in may last yr 2010. They all had first litters but out of 15 females only one had a second litter. It was great. With the females not coming into heat the males were a lot quieter too. I have not seen any sign of tumors they are all fat and healthy.
Does anyone know what feralstat contains? Also they say it is only good for 4 months. I gave it through sept(5mos.)with no problem. Then I stopped for the winter. I plan on starting it around Feb 1st. I have some packets left but not sure if they are any good. I have them stored in the fridge. I don't think its that expensive as for $60 you can get enough for 80 cats. So I need $120 for Feb-May and June -Sept. It would cost a lot more to get them all fixed which I just don't have. Any info anyone has on feralstat is much appreciated. Thank You

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