Fear of losing house- Need to relocate twenty cats urgently!

We have recently fallen upon tough economic times and are afraid of losing our house, fearing foreclosure. I take care of twenty cats living in my neighborhood in palm beach county, which have all been spayed and neutered, and appropriately vaccinated. Not knowing how much longer we'll be here, I urgently need to relocate them to stable homes, sanctuaries, farms, or anyplace where they will having a loving, nurturing environment in place of my care. I fear if I don't find a solution they will suffer on the streets or be killed by animal control, who have already approached my home. Please help, any information and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Asked by Member 1150967 on Jan 20th 2013 Tagged cats, losinghome, needhelp in Shelters & Rescue
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I feel for you, as I am a feral cat caregiver in PA. I'm sorry your family has fallen on hard times. My brother lost his home and it took over 3 years before the bank put them out. So, it could be some time and hopefully, time is on your side so you can try to find the kitties a new place to live. It is very difficult to relocate cats because they will try to find their way back to their old home. As far as animal control is concerned, don't let them threaten you. You have taken a big step in having them spayed/neutered and vaccinated. I had this problem years ago and told them to back off. I spent my hard earned money getting cats fixed, etc. The local municipality thought they could scare me, but it backfired when I told them if they take all the cats away, I'm not fixing the problem next time and there will be hundreds of unfixed cats running around reproducing. They didn't like that idea and let me keep my colony of 9 cats, of which only 4 remain. Best of luck to you.

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I am *so* sorry to hear about your situation. :( I can only imagine how scary it is! And to have to think about your kitties, too!

First, can you take any cats with you? Or place them with friends/family temporarily?

If not, please continue to do what you can to place your kitties. This link might help - it has info about financial assistance for pet owners:

And this one:

I also did a Google search and found a number of links with information about rescue organizations local to you, and they may have additional resources or be able to refer you if they cannot house your cats:

Best wishes!

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