Ear problems in kitten

I have a 9 month old kitten, that has a bit of an ear problem. I adopted her when she came to my door step at 3 weeks old. she was flee and worm ridden. Also, She has always had dark brown "gunk" in her ears, and no matter how much I clean them, there is always more. Her ears are also very sensitive when you rub the base of the ear, she does this thumper thing trying to "itch" it when you touch them. I have taken her to the vet many times, and they have found nothing wrong with her; they even have her stuff to prevent/kill mites if she had them. Which they said she didn't. Non the less, the problem still persists. I have also tried baby/mineral oil in the ears to losen the crud up, and then swab it out. It didn't work very well.
That being said, I was wondering if anybody else has this problem, and what are some ways I can fix this. I just want my poor baby's ears to feel better :(

Asked by Member 1165283 on Apr 15th 2013 Tagged ears, cats, kitten, mites, fix, earwax in Health & Wellness
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