Doubtful pregnancy

Nw dat i cald a vet home for a checkup of ma 62 day old pregnannt persian..d vet said dat it may b a false pregnancy coz shez got a very slight swelling in d tummy..and shez also acting lyk shez in heat...i got an x-ray done n den d doc said k he can only see a single baby...dat 2 nt clearly n hez nt sure of it...may b shez got 2 or hez nt sure abt it...den jus 4 d confirmation i went 2 c anodr vet...he did a quick check up n said k he can feel a single baby bt wen he saw d x-ray...he said dat 101% sure shez got no babies..shez nt pregnant...may b shez in heat nw n so behaving restless...he suggested me a sonography n 2 get my cat nw m badly confused abt ol dis n got no idea wat 2 do..get her mated o spayed o just wait 4 anodr few dayz 4 d babies...plz help

Asked by Member 1136026 on Oct 18th 2012 Tagged pregnantcat, actinginheat, lessswollentummy, falsepregnancy in Pregnancy
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Izadore (Izzie)

As long as your cat is acting normally, I would just see what happens. She is very close to a delivery date if she is pregnant.I would agree with the sonography, but personally, I cannot believe a vet would suggest mating her, to deliberately bring more unwanted kittens into the world. Cats who are about to deliver begin acting strangely when their time is near. They may become more affectionate with you, or start hiding in closets and anyplace else they'd feel comfortable delivering. I would suggest that if she's an outdoor cat, you make an extra effort to keep her inside now. If a week passes and she still hasn't delivered, I would contact the first vet and ask for advice.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 10/19/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer