Does my little hyperactive hurricane need a new home?

I have two cats, one was a stray when we adopted him so he is estimated to be between 2-4 years old. He is very VERY relaxed. The other is a little hurricane girl we adopted when she was 8 weeks old. She is now 8 months old (and getting fixed next month) and still acts like she did when she was 8 weeks. Today, she pooped on the floor in the corner of the same room her (clean and available) litter box is located as well as tearing apart the carpet in the same corner. Does this little hurricane perhaps need a home with more energetic people and other energetic cats? Perhaps she's frustrated out of boredom? HELP!

Asked by Member 1134752 on Oct 8th 2012 Tagged hurricane, hyperactive, poop, pottytraining, fix, bored, female, carpet in Behavior & Training
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Your female is very overdue in getting fixed. Females can go into heat at 5 months of age. She is acting out because of raging hormones. Please get her fixed immediately. Her hyperactive behavior is normal considering she has not been spayed. Don't wait.

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