do you think i might have Maine Coon?

I know I'm not pedigree, I was born on a farm in Indiana. My daddy was a Manx, but my mommy was a moggie. I know I could be something else, but my person is sure I have either Maine Coon or Norgwegian Forest Cat. I am very friendly, I enjoy making people laugh, I like high places, I love to play in water (which, we know that is typical of Turkish Van, my person thinks I have that too). She does not wish to register me, as we know she cannot, but she enjoys guessing the bloodline of the three of us (I have two older housemates, she is positive the oldest, Bear, has Persian). I also have what her mommy calls a "plume" tail. I do not think there are any pictures on my profile that show that, but it looks like a raccoon tail. I am also a poly, but we are not sure if that will make any difference. Thank you for your help!

Asked by Mittens on Nov 12th 2008 Tagged mixbreed, mainecoon, manx in Maine Coon
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Izadore (Izzie)

It's quite possible that you have Maine Coon in you. One good way to "add up all the pieces and parts" of your lineage is to go on the Cat Fancier's Association website, I think it's and look up all the different breeds of cats. They do have some great photos of the breeds there. Polydactals are also called "Hemminway Cats" since the author LOVED them and now they run feral all over his estate and the city of Key West, Florida. There is a wonderful article on them in the December issue of Cat Fancy. The January issue of this magazine will feature Maine Coon cats. You might want to pick that one up. Since Mittens is still pretty young, you may want to wait to make your final decision on what you think he is until he's more grown up. I'd say he's probably more likely MC than Norwegian Forest cat (also featured in Cat Fancy this month). It seems like Norwegians are few and far between and hard to find.

Izadore (Izzie) answered on 11/12/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Ok many people think they have a Maine coon because it has long fur no many cats have long fur. i did so much research on Maine coons i could almost tell you anything. My opinion on your cat would be I would have to say he is a mix with a Maine coon because you bought him with no papers and you can never know I think he is half Maine coon because many Maine coons have a raccoon like tail and many Maine coons like water like mine does and in some genes of Maine coons they can be poly and one little dumb way to find out if he is a Maine coon if you look at the forehead and it can sport a M for Maine coon. also when i was looking for a breeder for a Maine coon Indiana was one of the states that had the most Maine coon breeders.

Member 1035517 answered on 5/31/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer