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Do you need CatsterPlus to have background music for your profile?

My human wants there to be nature music on my profile but doesn't know how. She also does not know if you need CatsterPlus to do this or not.

Asked by ♥ Socko ♥ on Sep 6th 2010 Tagged music, nature, background in My Account
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I don't think you do. If you join the pawsome pages group (I'll send you an invite if you are not already a member)Ask them. I think you just have to go through MY PROFILE and then down the FUN STUFF? it should open another set of boxes.
The first small one you need to identify it ie. music (it's for your own reference). The second bigger one you paste the URL of the music you would like put on your page (I think, I don't have music but I have put other things on my page).
The third is how large an area you'd need on your page (I think again) I often put in 450 for Movies. Then click on submit or save and then see if it is on your page.
If it doesn't work ask at the pawsoem pages group they should know, they great there.

Raza answered on 9/6/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Gumpy Sweet Boy

Hi Socko,

You don't need Catster Plus to have music on your page. I think there are a couple sites to use to create a playlist. But the one I use is www.mixpod.com (click).
It's a free site, but you do have to register etc. And you can choose the type of player etc.
You copy and paste and put your playlist or player in your fun stuff box. And again you can get help at the Pawsome Pages group.

Good luck, have fun!

Gumpy Sweet Boy answered on 9/7/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer