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Do hairless cats still dislike water?

Since the reason why cats a lot of times dislike water because they do not like their fur getting wet, does that mean that Sphynx cats don't mind it?

Asked by ♥ Socko ♥ on Jan 1st 2011 Tagged sphynx, water, hairless in Sphynx
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Actually, Sphynxes are not entirely hairless--they have a kind of peach fuzz. They need to be bathed regularly because their lack of fur makes their skin get oily. As for cats not liking to be bathed because it gets their fur wet--you've got me there. I think most cats find bathing frightening because they feel powerless and don't understand what's happening to them. When I bathe my Maine Coons, they usually try to escape UNTIL they get wet, at which point they sort of give up until the bath is over. So that could mean that they feel helpless when wet. Cats like to be in control. There is a theory that cats don't like to get wet because dry fur is essential for controlling their body temperature. On the other hand, some cats love water and will join you in the shower or bath, and the Turkish Van is known for its love of swimming. Since Sphynxes need regular bathing, they are bathed from the time they are kittens, which, I assume, gets them used to the idea of baths.

Harvey answered on Jan 1st.

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