do flea baths really work and are they worth it?

One of my cats has fleas, and unfortunatly she wont let me pet her, let alone bathe her. I have repeated used borax on the carpet, her bed, ive washed all sheets, towels...ive done alot. Is it worth it to try and get a flea bath?

Asked by Member 1026926 on Mar 17th 2011 in Bathing
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No not really. Flea shampoos don't work well. Flea dips work better but better to have a professional do it cause it is more toxic. It is way better to buy a topical flea treatment like Frontline, or Atvantage. Not over the counter flea stuff like Hartz, Top Spot etc, from the store. They are dangerous and have led to many terrible cat deaths. Get it from your vet, it is more money, but the life of your cat is more important.

If you use the topical treatments it is not really nessesary to treat your home, because any new fleas will go on your cat and die. If you'd like you can "Bomb" your house useing Adams brand flea foggers that kill fleas in your home. Just read the instructions carefully, it involves leaving the house with your pets while the fog goes to work killing all the fleas for a few hours, and to come air it out and stay outside till it is completely aired out so you can safely return inside. Do it on a nice day after you put on the flea treatment. That is how I did it.

Kilala answered on 3/17/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


The former poster is absolutely right! Don't ever use over-the-counter flea products - they are quite dangerous, even deadly to your cat. The best thing to do is to buy topical flea meds from your veterinatian. I have had good luck using Advantage on my cats (one goes outdoors, the other does not). I have, however, had bad luck using FrontLine topical flea meds on my cat (who died three years ago). She used to have seizures within 24 hours of FrontLine applications. It happened on two separate occasions. The manufacturer said it was "coincidental". I don't think so. I'll never use FrontLine again. Always use the correct dosage on your cat and the right product, as they make different flea meds for dogs and cats and in accordance with their weight. Apply the med the same day every month so you don't have any flea infestation problems. I always apply Advantage on my cat on the first of each month. I think you will be happy with the results. Good luck getting those critters!

Member 185886 answered on 3/17/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


My vet uses something called CapStar which I have found at my local feed store for $6.99 US. It kills the fleas on your cat within 30 minutes. If I find a stray on my porch infested with fleas, very common at my house since the area is infested, I use the CapStar then start Revolution. If you seek vet attention for you kitty, ask for it. It could run you about $20.00 US or so.

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There are of course good poor-on remedies especially for cats that are designed against fleas, ticks or both. You can get them at vets.

As for bath - I'm not sure that a flea bath is a good idea. All pesticides are toxic to some extent.

But there is a 'magic' remedy exists.

If your kitty will tolerate bathing - there is a product called LDC (Light Duty Cleaner). Don't confuse it with dish washing liquids though, even that LDC can be used for dish washing.

LDC is produced by Golden Products company, it's 100% biodegradable, natural and safe, even if you drink it.
Only problem is that Golden Products are not sold via retail places. But it's sold all over the world through distributors. (Google them)

We use these products a lot and if an animal is bathed with it, even if not rinsed well - LDC eliminates all the fleas and any other parasites for long time. Fur and skin is lush and silky after such a bath. I use it for my own body and hair too.

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