Do ferile cats know how to keep warm in winter?

I have a stray cat that has been around since this last spring. I worry about her in this weather! She has several barns to sleep in between myself and my neighbor but none of them are tight and warm. I have made a place in my barn for her to keep somewhat warm. It's not a tight barn but good enough and I have made a little spot w/ insulation. When I see her I take food out to her and she will run but comes back when she knows it's clear. I want to know if anyone knows how they keep themselves warm. I have tried to trap her get her fixed/shots and then let her go but have not been successfull. So my question is how is she staying warm? Will she go to my barn if she needs to? What are some other ways I can get her to stay in my barn? I have a cat and they seem to get along. I have seen them eat out of the same bowl on my porch. I leave food in the barn for her but I don't know if it's her eating it or something else.

Asked by Kitty on Dec 29th 2009 Tagged strayferilecatsandcoldweather in Other Health & Wellness
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Just to answer your question, they do the best they can to keep warm. The spot you have created for her will help. She will crawl into a ball to conserve body heat.
I have 3 "garage cats". We provide a cardboard box and lots of old blankets for them. They love to burrow into and under the covers.
Provide water for your feral friend too, it's important all year round.
She may be eating the food you provide or it may be another cat or animal. You may be feeding more feral cats than you realize!
Back to keeping warm. They do the best they can. I have seen cats with their ears frozen off. But that was a very cold winter.
Keep trying to gain her trust. It can be done. That is wonderful that you are willing to help and take her to the vet to be spayed!

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they grow a winter coat same as bears,hares,rabbits and dogs! they are clever the make little nests probbaly a hole shape
thats how they keep warm!

sox answered on 12/29/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Cats freeze all the time, like many wild animals. Nature is a harsh mistress.
Here is a GREAT site that shows EASY instructions on HOW TO CREATE AN OUTDOOR CAT SHELTER.
Using spray foam insulation instead of hay (only on the middle layer, obviously) works even better. (You can buy a can of spray foam from any hardware store.)

This site lists many other options:

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I have seven (7) feral cats I care for outside of my home and worry about them as well. The fact that this cat you are caring for has a barn to go into, is good. If it snows, he/she can go in there and at least stay out of the elements. Keep bringing food to the kitty. You may want to try getting it used to a humane have-a-heart trap. Keep the trap around for a week or so and start putting the food near the trap, then in the trap, until you are ready to set the trap and catch the kitty. Make an appointment first before you trap. If you have a low cost spay/neuter clinic near you, check with them as to their appointments for spaying/neutering ferals. You may try to check with your own vet as well. He/she may offer spaying or neutering at a discounted price. Make sure the cat gets a rabies and a distemper vaccine. Best of luck to you, but get that kitty fixed ASAP! Cats start going into heat in late January and have a 63-day gestation period.

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