Do cats need a varitey of cat food?

Do cats need a varitey of cat food like different flavors and different brands and stuff. My mom told me the other day that cats only should one brand and one flavor other wise they will become picky if i rotate brands and flavors. This true?

Asked by Member 979470 on Jul 6th 2010 Tagged food in Pet Food
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Cats do not need a variety of foods. They do need a good premium quality cat food (wet and dry foods) and most importantly, plenty of fresh water. If you switch cat foods frequently, it could cause stomach upset. So, feed your cat a decent pet food and keep it on that same food. If and when you decide to change pet foods, do it slowly by mixing a little of the new with the old and gradually decrease the old cat food. This will avoid any tummy upsets.

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Buddy-Budd da Blue

Hi Nellie! We are all Purfectly happy to have you here on Catster! Me-ow!

Now to the very very important discussion of Food.

Cats, like people, can have preferences. The only problem is usually these come from the flavors that are artificially added to food. So they want only that brand.(good business, maybe not best for kitty)

Cats also are really fond of routine.

Now with those things in mind I would suggest reading on the nutrition Forums about what different people say about different foods. I have switched to Wet with Dry as a treat. Pops says it is because I need to loose a bit of weight. Humph! What does he know about being a big-boned cat? I must admit I have really started having more energy. I play more. I am more outgoing.

Finicky is finding which they like. AND feeding the same time.

We Boyz love Pate. ONLY pate. Pops gets one of each and tests it. We have a good lists of "Want" and "Do Not Want."
Pops wants us to live long happy lives.
Wet it is!

Purrs and Pets

Buddy-Budd da Blue answered on 7/7/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


One food is all they need but you just need to keep an eye on them to make sure they don't decide not to like that food anymore. Cats can be finicky for no apparent reason. I have several cats so it took me a while (and several expensive vet visits) to discover that Chelsea had decided not to eat Wellness food anymore. She was losing weight and I didn't know why. When all tests came back ok, we allowed her to try some different foods until we found one she enjoyed and she is fine now. For canned foods, I do feed a variety of flavors because it's the only way all my cats are happy. But you need to try to stick to one good quality food. Although most of my cats do not like wet food and none of them like the good quality wet foods.

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