Do cats grieve like people do?

Recently, my cat Sabrina died. She didn't get along so great with my other cat, Joy. I had my share of sadness when Sabrina died, but didn't notice any change in Joy untill now, two weeks after. Now Joy seems slightly different from her usual, happy-go-lucky self. She sleeps most the day and dosn't like to go any where without me. She dosn't even want to go outside. She just clings to me constantly. She goes to where Sabrina's food bowl used to be and sits there for a long time and seems a bit confused. I know it's silly, but can cats grieve?

Asked by Member 1109247 on May 12th 2012 in Separation Anxiety
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It's not silly at all! Cats can absolutely grieve! Cats notice a change in their environment, especially living things. Have you ever gone on vacation and left your cat at home with a person coming to visit it once in a awhile (at least once a day)? And when you came back, did your kitty seem to "greet" you. This is because she loves you. Joy must've thought of Sabrina as a friend or a sister. Cats also seem to have a sense for what type of change happened. They will know if you're just gone for awhile, the other cat's gone for awhile, someone's in trouble (and not in a time-out way), or if someone has died. Though, you shouldn't worry because, as people do, they will get over the grief, but they will still miss whoever has passed away. The best thing to do is to comfort her and try to get her mind off of things. Play with Joy, pet her lots, and give her plenty of attention. It's also not a good idea to change any sort of routine at this time, for this might add to her stress.

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