Do cats get mad at their owners?

Tonight my male cat was chasing my female cat around. It was getting a little too rough and when I tried to swat him on the rear to get him to stop, he jumped off the couch at the same time. He might have fallen awkwardly but made no noise and showed no signs of injury. I felt his legs, sides, back and he didn't cry at all while I was poking and prodding. He ate, drank water, used the litter box, jumped up on and off of furniture. He's also breathing and acting normally. But now when I pick him up or go for his chest (not his stomach, just his chest) he makes a little meow of protest. Its his usual meow, but he normally doesn't do it when I pick him up or touch his chest. Could there possibly be something else wrong or could he just be mad at me? (It's 10 pm Sunday night. I'm currently unable to take him to my vet.) I feel so terrible! I love that little guy more than anything :(

Asked by Member 1166379 on Apr 21st 2013 Tagged mad, cat, angry in Other Health & Wellness
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He may have bruised himself. Its very hard to see bruises on a cat because they're hidden by the fur. It sounds like he bruised his chest or a rib. As long as he's acting normally, try to avoid touching the areas of the body where he's tender. If he still shows pain in those areas after 2 or 3 days or if you see any other signs in his condition that anything is wrong, have him examined by the vet.

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