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Dark brown stuff in cat's ears?

I've always had dirty ears, but they seem to have gotten a lot worse lately and Mom is worried. She's tried ear wash, but my ears always seem to get really dirty again within a day or two. My ears don't smell bad, and they don't seem to itch. I don't paw at them or shake my head, so Mom isn't sure if it's ear mites, an infection, or if I just have dirty ears and need a little extra help cleaning them.

She was cleaning/swabbing around the very outside of my ears today, near the opening of my ears where they meet the top of my head (she never actually digs around on the inside because she's afraid of hurting me or making it worse) and got all this gross dark brown stuff out. Some of it was even stuck in the fur in my ears...yuck! Should she be worried? She said she'll take me to the vet if it'll make me better but wants to see if one more try with the ear wash will help.


Asked by Miss Moo on Aug 22nd 2012 in Home Grooming
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It definitely sounds like a yeast or mite infection. You can treat it with a 100% Organic spray like PETfection Ear Cleaner. It is non-toxic and works really well at clearing up infections and preventing them from coming back. Heck of a lot cheaper than a vet trip too! I personally love their stuff. :)

Nika answered on Aug 23rd.

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We had something like that last fall, the vet cultured the stuff in the ear, it was a yeast. I had thought wax or mites but I was wrong and with drops it got better in less than four weeks.

Member 1127070 answered on 8/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I think a vet's visit is in order to find out exactly what is wrong.

Twinkle answered on 8/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer