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Cornish Rex has weird skin issues...

Hi, I have a 7 yr old Cornish Rex who has some weird skin issues on and off. I've heard from several vets that cats with uncommon fur types (like rexes) are prone to some minor skin issues but I wanted to get the opinion of someone who is either very familiar with Rex cats or possibly even someone who breeds them. My question is how much truth is there to the idea that these breeds of cats are prone to skin issues and what can be done? Jack gets a weird rash-type irritation around his neck and the back of his head/ears every so often. It doesn't look like much but it must itch him becuse he scratches at it until it bleeds. At this point I usually disinfect and put bandaids (!! yes I actually put bandaids on my cat to prevent infection, it works!) to keep him from fussing with it until it heals. The issue never seems to co-incide with any notable changes in our routine, like a new detergent or a new collar or something that might directly irritate his skin. It is not seasonal, and it is never on other parts of his body. Also we have another cat, Kerra, who is younger and has "normal" fur (she's some kind of American Shorthair mix, best guess), who has never had any skin issues at all. This leads me to believe it is not bugs, but all the same they both get flea & tick treatments monthly. They rarely go outside, and then only for short incriments on the balcony or in the driveway. Jack's skin issues do not sync up with his flea treatments. I am at a loss! Do I just have a weird cat or is this a typical issue for Rex owners? Could it be some strange alergy?

Anyone's advice or opinions is of course welcome, but someone who has experience with this paticular breed of cats would be much appreciated! Thanks everyone in advance.

Jack's Frustrated Mom

Asked by Captain Jack on Aug 1st 2010 Tagged cornishrex, rash, itching, alergy in Skin Problems
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Hi Captain Jack.

I don't know any thing about Cornish Rex and skin problems. Could he be allergic to something on someone's hands - soap, lotion, household products. From the locations you mentioned, it sounds like it's on the area cats get petted on a lot.

CHARLEY BLEAU EYES answered on 8/2/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I know of another Cornish Rex who has this same problem who has been deemed to have a skin allergy and needs a depo shot(vet will know what this is) to control the itching. My other cat, who is not a Cornish Rex, also has allergies, like myself, and needs these depo shots regularly. I am actually going to have his blood drawn to see what he is allergic to($400) and he will start allergy shots just like I take once a week. Cats can have allergies just like humans.
I recommend taking Jack in for a depo shot and you will see the itching improve which will prevent the sores. I hope this helped.

Member 1024278 answered on 2/22/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer