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Dear all,

I am writing you in hope to seek some advise.
My girlfriend got a call from a cat lady that she has rescued a 1 year old female cat. She told us that she was living on the street so she rescued her and sterilised her on Thursday April 13 (2013). In the time between the sterilisation and us picking her up on Tuesday evening, she lived in a cage with that cat lady.

We fell in love with Pixie and took her home noticing her big stitches from the operation. The cat lady told my girlfriend that she was pregnant and they took the unborn baby as well.

Pixie has now a large part on her belly with no fur.
We took her home and she is super scared. We tough to take her to the vet but she is stressed with the scenery change and now we do not want to shock her again.

Our 2y old castrated cat seems ok but we do not put them together. Pixie has her own big roo, where we give her piece but she is super scared and trys to hide. Sorry but those 1000 characters make it hard to say more

Asked by Member 1165753 on Apr 18th 2013 Tagged adoption, rescue, help, female in Other Adoption & Rescue
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Panda Bear

Wait until she is completely healed and then let your cat sniff her out. Supervised visits are a must. Do NOT let them be alone together, hopefully they will become friends, but you never know. Give the first cat even more attention now, with more treats, affection and toys. In time the two will learn to co-exist together, but you have to make sure that she is healthy first. If the other cat can smell the vet or medication he might go into attack mode. If they fight, pouring a glass of water over their heads will break up the ruckus. ^_^

Panda Bear answered on 11/1/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer