Cat Loss of appetite, pooing out of box ,

Prince is having poo problems & now appetite & weight problems
Prince was pooing out of his box , he was in pain so I put him on wet food, worked for 3 months then he started again so I took him to the doctor,The vet checked Prince out, each time he was not constipated , his stomach was empty, no mega colon, they put him on metronidazole and after a week he lost appetite, not sure why, took him back to the vet , did a whole bunch of tests , all came back fine, Vet continued to put him a a smaller dosage of metronidazole, He lost a lot of weight, has not gone to the bathroom for 3-4 days, I'm force feeding him now, he is okay with it for now, he is 11 years, he behaves okay. So far he has been keeping the food down and I also feed him water.
Doctor said could be cancer, I decided not to take the test since if he does have it I would not do anything anyway.
Any suggestions .
. Now I'm concerned about his not eating, From what I read metronidazole could have a side effect of loss of appetite, the Vet claims the dosage is to small to have an effect. At this point I'm taking him off to see what will happen

Prince the Wonder cat. he has a

Asked by Prince on Mar 2nd 2013 Tagged lossofappetite, pooingoutofbox in Alternative Treatments
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I'm not going to be of any help, but I see that no one has answered yet. I'm so sorry you are going through this with Prince. I think you are doing all that you can, getting some food and water into him. I have nothing to add or help, I'm just sorry and hope that he will get well soon.

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