Cat had enema yesterday with blocked anal glands. When will she poo?

Female, 4 years old, domestic shorthair named Sugar. Visiting family during holidays and cat did not poop for 4-5 days. Was urinating, but eating less and less with non-productive dry heaving. Took to vet yesterday and X-rays showed, of course, constipation but no obstructions. Vet said cat had filled/blocked anal glands and had to express them manually. Cat was under anesthetic during enema. Was given paraffin oil Nd pain killers. Was the constipation from blocked anal glands or did the constipation cause blocked anal glands? I don't think she pooped because she was in a strange place around a lot of people. She has urinated 3-4 times and eaten and drank but it's been around 20 hours since enema. Called the vet with no answer.
Any advice?

Asked by Member 1146904 on Dec 28th 2012 Tagged constipation, analglands, enema in Other Health & Wellness
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Some cats will "hold it" for as long as they can and refuse to poop when in a strange place. Others get excited and poop more from nervousness when in a strange place. Your cat probably hasn't pooped since the enema simply because she was under anesthetic and the enema also would have cleaned out her system. I find that it's not unusual at all for a cat who has been anesthetized to not poop for a day to a day and a half after being under anesthetic, just as a cat is usually more sleepy for the first day or two after anesthetic.

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